Our Story


Anna Russell and Shannon Nolan are lifelong friends who love to cook, create, and throw parties. Friends for over 10 years, the two started their cooking adventure by cooking for their friends and family while living together in Seattle, WA. 

Turning Tables Bistro came to be from Anna’s mother constantly asking Shannon when she was going to open a restaurant. After some wine and excitement, Anna and Shannon decided to try out a brunch pop up and see what happened. Three months later, they opened Turning Tables Bistro on May 6th, 2018. 


Meet the Girls

Anna is originally from Seattle, WA where she met Shannon in 2008.  She moved to Portland 7 years ago to to attend graduate school at PSU for Book Publishing. She decided to stay after meeting her husband.

Anna works in the tech industry as a Technical Project Manager but always found her outlet in cooking and baking for friends. She developed food allergies a few years ago and has focused a lot of her cooking on finding tasty alternatives to traditional dishes.





Shannon has worked in the service industry her entire career. She started as a barista in Santa Barbara and moved to Seattle when she was 22. Since then she bartended, served, and cooked her way through the town. She managed the Two Tarts Cafe in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle for 5 years before moving to Portland summer of 2017. Shannon’s favorite thing to do is bake, and she also has a deep knowledge of Italian cooking.




Anna and Shannon built Turning Tables Bistro out of a magical combination of late nights, culinary experiments, and friendship.




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